Medieval New Towns

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Subminiature Cameras

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Baedeker City Plans

Throughout the 17th to 18th centuries, the Grand Tour was mainly reserved for academics or the elite. Around 1840 rail … More

The Urban Genome: Circulation

Circulation  Highways, streets, roads, boulevards, avenues, alleys, the names and function may vary but their primary concern is to allow … More

The Urban Genome: Fields

• Fields  In 1979 Steven K. Peterson published the seminal article titled “URBAN DESIGN TACTICS.”  In this article Peterson describes … More

The Urban Genome: Edges

“… The edge of a city is a philosophical region, where city and natural landscape overlap, existing without choice or … More

The Urban Genome: Rural Zone

“Urban design is a synthetic, inventive mapping of physical conditions which establishes whole areas of the city.  In other words, … More