Looking @ Cities

Greetings and welcome to Looking@Cities.  It’s my intent with this blog to share with you my knowledge on cities, towns, and villages. Hopefully though this will not be one-sided.  I’d like this blog to become a site where anyone can share their experiences of any urban setting.  With this in mind, think of me as a moderator/editor.  If you do have any ideas of something you are interested in writing about, please let me know.  Before I go any further though, let me explain my interest in studying the urban fabric.

I originally trained as an architect and received my Bachelor of Architecture degree from the University of Kentucky.  In my 5th year of studies my final studio was taught by Fred Koetter.

Fred Koetter

Fred had come down from Cornell University to teach for a year at UK, and as a student of Fred, I was introduced to Urban Design.  During that year Fred’s mentor was invited to come to UK to lecture and sit in on a review of our final studio work.  This person was Colin Rowe.

Colin Rowe

Little did I know that eventually I’d have the honor of studying with Colin.

Fast forward two years, I’m now at Cornell University studying with Colin Rowe to get my master’s degree in Urban Design.  It’s at Cornell that Colin introduces me to historic city plans, and my passion for studying the historic urban fabric begins.

After Cornell I moved to New York City, where I practiced architecture for six years. At some point during my residing in Manhattan I was offered a chance to teach architecture and urban design.  My teaching career began at the ETH in Zurich, and recently concluded at Kent State University.  Along my career path as an academic I continued my studies in urban history and theory and shared what I discovered with my students.  Now a new chapter in my life is taking place, but my passion for studying cities has not waned.

So please enjoy perusing thorough Looking@Cities, and I look forward to your comments.



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